Be accompanied in creating your business

Step 1: Company Constitution

A certain amount of information is required.

We can provide you this information as per your request, depending on the type of company to be created. (PLC, LLC, Jointventure, Sole proprietor, holding companies, and companies that creates it and SAS).

We can also assist you with the process for obtaining the approvals if the protected activities require approvals of their functioning.

At the end of this stage, the following documents are issued: the articles of the incorporation, its registration at the Registrar of Commerce and movable property (RCCM).

Step 2: Registration of the Company established with the different tax and social security authorities in Cameroon and publication:

  • Registration at the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS)
  • Registration at the tax department with obtaining a taxpayer’s card......
  • Publication in an official newspaper.

Step 3: Start your company

  • Research assistance offices
  • Board Accommodation
  • Start up personnel recruitment
  • Full support in the administrative role for all staff involving the establishment of payroll and mandatory social security declarations
  • Application for word permits for expatriate staff
  • Bookkeeping and management of all tax returns

At your request, we can coordinate and centralize all information related to the creation of your company.


You are...
  • Entrepreneur
  • Liberal profession
  • individual entrepreneur
  • Business creator

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