Our firm is accredited by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, to provide Business Edge ™ training.

Business Edge ™ is a comprehensive collection of management training products and services, flexible and practical, developed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

It is especially designed to improve the performance of small and medium enterprises.

It includes training seminars that address issues related to management and business management.

It uses teaching methods design for adults and offers knowledge and expertise that can be applied directly at the workplace, with immediate results.

The word "Business Edge" means having a competitive advantage in the business field.

Apart from Business Edge ™ training programs, we organize regularly:

  • technical training ("detection of fraud ", "project audit", ...)
  • or general themes ("Finance law and tax news" ...) of very different levels.


You are...
  • Entrepreneur
  • Liberal profession
  • individual entrepreneur
  • Business creator

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