Our values and commitments

Our values define who we are. They are the foundation of our organization.

Our values guide our actions and behavior. They influence the way we work together, support our customers and are committed to our stakeholders. The actions of all team members in Afrique Audit Conseil Baker Tilly are inspired by the values below:

Customer satisfaction

  • Always be attentive to our customers to understand their needs;
  • Establish a relationship of trust and proximity with customers;
  • Understand current and future customer needs and strive to meet their expectations.

Respect of the quality approach

  • Compliance with strict rules of ethics and deontology to ensure quality services to our customers;
  • Respect the rules of independence, professional secrecy;
  • Compliance with regulations and rules of the profession and international standards.

Talent development

  • Human resource is the main resource in achieving our objectives. We put a particular accent on the detection and integration of young graduates of colleges.
  • The development of training sessions for the capacity building of staff.


You are...
  • Entrepreneur
  • Liberal profession
  • individual entrepreneur
  • Business creator

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